23 9 / 2012

I was at the Magic Kingdom yesterday, and a major issue is getting worse and worse in the parks…

Flash Photography.

It’s like an epidemic. There will always be that one jerk who takes a thousand flash pictures during the Haunted Mansion, but lately I have been completely unable to escape it.

Don’t people know how unbelievably rude that is? It’s the equivalent to taking a flash picture during a movie in a crowded movie theater. It destroys the years of work that the imagineers put into lighting that particular show or ride.

I think the absolute worst cases are on Pirates Of The Caribbean. The lighting on that ride is so incredible and a single flash photo will ruin it for everyone. I rode POTC twice yesterday, and both times I had multiple picture offenders in my boat.

It may be aggravating, but Disney REALLY needs to begin enforcing their no flash rules and warnings, especially to the non-English speaking guests. They often seem to be the worst offenders.

I really can’t express enough how much this angers me. Not only does it ruin MY experience, but think about all the other guests who just want to remember the ride or show as it should be, not under a strobe light?  

The pictures don’t even turn out well… Using a flash just negates all the lighting that your eyes see and what you end up with is hideous…

I apologize for the rant… This just irks me more than anything else I can think of…

Well, anyways… Have A Magical Day!

And No Flash Pictures, Please. We Spirits Are Frightfully Sensitive To Bright Lights.